Welcome to the Beecher City Fourth Grade Website. I'm Mrs. Wachtel, the 4th grade teacher and website creator. I hope this website will answer all of your questions about 4th grade.

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Rules, Rewards, & Consequences

Eagle Excellence Cards
When students are displaying a positive behavior by Acting Responsibly, Giving Respect, Listening Attentively, and/or Encouraging Safety, they will receive Eagle Excellence cards. Those cards will be collected at the end of the day, and students will write their name on the Eagle Excellence grid. At the end of each week, Mrs. Milleville will select grid squares that will earn special recognition. Those who earn the required number of cards in a quarter will be eligible for a special incentive.

Sporting Good Behavior
When a student has late homework for the day in any subject or has committed a more serious behavior offense, his/her card will be turned and the infraction noted on the weekly citizenship report. Behavior offenses include not following teacher’s instructions, making fun of another student, pushing, kicking, yelling out in class without being called on, and other offenses opposite of the Eagle Expectations. After 3 infractions in one day or seven in one week, the student will be referred to the principal for additional consequences. Those students not getting their card turned during the week will receive a reward.

Late Homework
Students are responsible for turning in all homework first thing in the morning the day it is due. If homework is not completed when it is due, the student’s card will be turned and the late work will be noted on the weekly citizenship report. Students will have until the end of the school day to complete their late work using computer class or study hall. At the end of the day, the late work will be collected and graded as is.